Whether you are looking for a hospital or a home transfer stretcher, there are many different models to choose from. You’ll find that the type of transfer stretcher that you choose depends on the needs of the individual patient. You might need a more compact model or one that can be moved from one room to another easily. You might also be looking for one that has a sliding board that can be used for transfers. This is especially useful if you are in a hospital or nursing home, where space is at a premium.

Amico Hydraulic Patient Transfer Stretcher

Designed to provide a safe, easy to use solution, the Amico Hydraulic Patient Transfer Stretcher offers a variety of positioning options. The stretcher can be set in several positions including reverse trendelenburg, trendelenburg, and reverse trendelenburg. It has a high-quality construction that features a high-weight capacity.

Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable for patients. The height-adjustable rail system ensures maximum safety. It also provides the correct ergonomic work posture. The backrest is manually adjustable with gas spring assisted motion. It also features a mattress support.

The stretcher is constructed with a sturdy aluminum alloy that has a high weight capacity. It also features a highly-sturdy design that makes it suitable for most patients.


Whether you are a hospital administrator or a nurse on the go, an Elineo transfer stretcher is a must have. It may be a single unit or a fleet of units, the Elineo is a surefire way to ensure patient safety while providing an unparalleled degree of comfort. Aside from its sleek looks, its features include a built in emergency exit, built in emergency resuscitation kits, and a slew of features to help you in your day to day duties. This one is also built to last, with a lifespan of up to a decade.

Unlike many flimsy ambulatory products, the Elineo is a true workhorse. Its large footprint means you can park it in any room, while its large size means you can fit more than one person in its midst. The Elineo has a full set of safety features and the best part is, it’s easy to operate and maintain.

Bicakcilar Mobiline 601

Designed with the healthcare professional in mind, the Bicakcilar Mobiline 601 transfer stretcher is a sleek and sturdy tabletop. It boasts a head and foot section, and two roulettes with breaks. The Mobiline 601 is also notable for its affordability. Aside from the requisite features, the stretcher also features a hands free hydraulic height adjustment system operated by a T-pedal at the foot end. This makes the stretcher a cinch to maneuver, and helps prevent injury to staff. The stretcher also features an optional full length Radiographic Table Top for X-ray procedures. The Mobiline 601 stretcher also boasts an 80mm thick mattress, which is not only thick but also a big win for patient comfort.

Sliding transfer board

Using a sliding transfer board can be a helpful tool in patient transfer. These types of transfers are ideal for patients with lower extremity amputation or quadriplegia. In order to use this type of transfer, the caregivers must be able to grasp the sheet with their palms facing upward. This allows for less friction between the patient and the board.

During the transfer, one caregiver should be at the head of the bed. The other should be at the foot of the bed. The provider at the foot of the bed will lift the patient’s head, shoulders, and feet. This weight shift minimizes the amount of effort required to move the patient, thereby avoiding back injuries to the health care providers.

The models of transfer beds mentioned above are all supplied by Select Patient Care.

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