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Aloe Vera


  • Aloe vera juice is at the heart of the People for Plants range. The plant is native to desert regions of North Africa and the Arab peninsula, with writings on Sumerian clay tablets and Egyptian hieroglyphics some 3500 years ago. To survive in such harsh desert climates it has a special roots system called arbuscular mycorrhiza which allows it to absorb nutrients directly from the soil. It stores its moisture in the flesh and if damaged uses its special compounds to heal itself quickly to limit moisture loss and limit attack from bacteria and fungi.
  • It contains an impressive 200 or so compounds including amino acids, b vitamins, minerals, plant sterols that have been used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, a healer, a moisturiser and an immune booster.
  • Now grown in other harsh climates across the globe it is harvested for its medicinal qualities.


Aloe Vera has, historically, been used as a first-aid plant, primarily for burns and healing but also for, skin allergies, acne and anti-aging.  In fact Cleopatra used it to enhance and prolong her beauty and Alexander the Great used it as a healer for wounded soldiers on the battlefield.

In skincare 

  • Aloe gel is a powerful moisturiser, which penetrates the skin supplying moisture directly to the tissues.
  • It is renowned for its soothing and calming effect on burns.
  • Aloe improves skin tone and colour by increasing the blood flow to the areas of application and help to build collagen and elasticity making the skin appear more youthful.
  • It reduces skin redness, and displays a synergistic effect with the other anti-inflammatory ingredients used in our products.