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Combination / Oily

Combination skin can be confusing. Typically it’s when some areas of the face are dry or flaky, while the centre of your face, the T-Zone, is oily. Combination skin can be hard to identify and even harder to manage.

Combination skin can also be used to describe conditions where wrinkles and breakouts, or rosacea and dry skin are present at the same time.

A common cause for combination skin could be the products you are using on your face. When applying artificial synthetics and fragrances, skin can become irritated and oil production in the T-Zone area can be stimulated. At the same time, chemicals can dry out other areas of the skin and cause redness. Before you know it, your perfectly ‘normal’ skin is now ‘combination’.

The best way to treat combination skin is to use all natural ingredients that won’t aggravate the skin further. Better yet is to use certified organic ingredients, which offers nature in its most purest form.

At People for Plants, all ingredients used are 100% natural and certified organic. Products are lovingly created using powerful botanicals, known best for their antioxidant and mineral rich qualities. High quality ingredients include white tea, aloe, and witch hazel for gently cleansing skin, and pomegranate, burdock, and shea for hydration and nourishment.

Why People for Plants?

People for Plants is the kindest thing you can do for your skin. It uses potent ingredients to get to the point naturally, and with absolutely no nasties, skin is left soft, supple, radiant, and best of all - naturally beautiful.

Born on a family farm on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, People for Plants is all about quality, honesty, and purity. Quickly becoming one of Australia’s best-loved certified organic brands, People for Plants has some of the highest organic percentages of any organic skincare range.

Buying from People for Plants

To understand what will work best for your combination skin, read each product description carefully. For further information on each ingredient, go to the Ingredients link, where you will find everything you need to know about the benefits of botanicals and how they are best used in skin care.

Once you have established the right products for your skin, add them to your shopping cart by clicking ‘Add to Cart’. You can then choose to continue shopping or proceed to checkout. Follow the prompts, and you’ll soon be enjoying the wonderful world of botanicals and seeing incredible results for your combination skin.