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Using nothing but 100% natural, certified organic ingredients, the product range at People for Plants is suitable for every type of skin. Whether your skin is slightly on the oily side, partially dry, or lucky enough to be classified as ‘normal’, People for Plants has the right product for you.

Why People for Plants?

People for Plants is a family-owned, Australian-owned skincare manufacturer that began its humble beginnings on the family farm by the banks of the Hawkesbury River. It was born with the vision of a range of certified organic botanical skin care products that truly work and has flourished to become a leading organic brand.

People for Plants uses nothing but all natural, antioxidant, mineral, and vitamin rich ingredients that are known for their healing and nourishing qualities. Absolutely no nasties are ever used, meaning your normal-type skin stays normal and at its best.

What are some of the ingredients used?

People for Plants uses the highest quality ingredients that have gone through rigorous testing as part of their Australian Certified Organic status. Our ingredients include:

● Milk thistle, witch hazel, and chamomile - to soothe and nourish
● Rosemary, white tea, calendula - for their powerful antioxidants
● Pomegranate - to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin
● Kakadu plum - for the intense vitamin C (50x more than oranges)
● Aloe vera - for hydration
● Shea butter, jojoba, and macadamia oil - to protect the skin
● Wild harvested rosehips - to support cell health
● Garnet - to gently scrub away impurities
● Ginkgo - to detoxify

Why plant-based?

Many of the problems that skin faces are as a result of the harsh chemicals and synthetics applied to it. With plant-based products, these problems are eliminated - it’s that simple.

Virtually every skin solution, well-known medicine, or household product can be traced back to plants in some way. Plants are potent in their power, so why not use them in their most purest form? The benefits from plant-powered skin care are phenomenal, and the industry’s only just starting to scratch the surface. The amazing results you’ll see from using People for Plants is proof of just how important plant-based material is when it comes to treating skin.

How to order

Ordering from People for Plants is a straight-forward process and is as easy as a few simple clicks. Having browsed the exciting range of moisturisers, cleansers, scrubs, toners, eye creams, hydration gels and lip balms, add your favourite products to your shopping cart by clicking ‘Add to Cart’. From there you can either continue to shop with People for Plants or complete your purchase at the checkout.

Order today and start enjoying the incredible results based on certified organic plant power!