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Living with sensitive skin can be challenging. Prone to itching and irritation, sensitive skin can be easily triggered and difficult to manage using the average skin care products.

But this isn’t the case with People for Plants.

Buying from People for Plants is one of the kindest things you can do for your skin. It uses only the finest, 100% natural, certified organic ingredients that are best known for gently repairing and preventing damaged skin.

Why choose organic?

Some of the biggest irritants for sensitive skin come from the ingredients applied directly to the face through skin care. By doing nothing, skin can become dry, red, and damaged, but when you apply the wrong ingredients, you risk damaging the skin even further.

The best way to remove this risk is by choosing 100% natural, certified organic skin care that is free from any chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides, or synthetic matter that can commonly cause irritation.

People for Plants is certified with Australian Certified Organic, meaning it has undergone rigorous testing to ensure the highest quality organic skincare. Not only has People for Plants met industry standards, we are also changing the way in which organic practices are met. Our labels are clearly marked with the percentages of organic ingredients used, and our blends are lovingly crafted using minimal yet potent sources.

Simplicity is the key to treating sensitive skin.

Why plant-based?

The power of plants should never be underestimated, and in their purest form, plants can work miracles for a whole host of skin problems. Ingredients such as calendula and milk thistle can soothe irritated skin; pomegranate can naturally boost the production of collagen and elastin; and shea butter, jojoba, and macadamia oils can help protect the skin from further damage.

Try it for yourself and you’ll soon see why plants play such a vital role in skin care.

Shopping with People for Plants

Shopping with People for Plants is easy, and with an extensive range of products suitable for sensitive skin, you’ll quickly find a product to best suit you.

All information about the ingredients used can be found on our website, and benefits of each are clearly marked, making it easy to match products to your skin. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, simply click ‘Add to Cart’ and then either keep shopping or proceed to checkout.

Know someone else with sensitive skin? Why not add a Try Me Kit - Sensitive Skin to your cart, the perfect introduction to organic skin care.